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Practical and affordable technology

What Saffran Technology can do for you.

Our goal is to understand your business needs. We find reliable, practical and affordable technology solutions that let you focus on your strengths and make your computer systems work for you.


Technology Planning
Acting as your Chief Information Officer, we will develop short and long-term technology goals for your organization, as well as a timeline and budget to achieve the goals. A technology plan helps you to gain a competitive advantage from your computer systems in a series of manageable steps the fit your staffing and budget.
Network & Computer Systems Assessment
A quick way to find out how your technology investment is working. For a flat fee we will document computers, network, servers, data backup, Internet service, cabling, security configuration, installed software and more. You'll get a detailed document that describes your systems and identifies problems. We will also give you a set of recommended steps to improve how your computer systems work for you.
 Problem Resolution
Sometimes things aren't working right and you just need them fixed. Whether it's e-mail, viruses, spyware or mysterious computer problems, we can help.
Often overlooked, training is one of the best ways to help your staff use technology effectively. One-on-one or small group training, in your office, is the best learning method. We tailor training to your business.
Document Automation
Creating documents is the bread and butter of many offices. We can automate production of documents using document assembly software. Your staff will be able to create custom documents quickly and consistently. This is a powerful tool for law firms and organizations that have a high volume of document creation.
Disaster Planning
What would you do if your office computers were lost or damaged due to fire, water or theft? Are your data backups stored off-site? We can develop a recovery plan that will turn major disasters into manageable events. Without a plan your organization might not recover.

Technology Tips

Practice safe computing

Here are some simple steps to keep your computers running smoothly.

o Run Windows Update regularly and install all available security updates. To do this, open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu and select Windows Update. Follow the directions on the Microsoft Web site.

o Keep anti-virus software up to date on ALL your computers and run virus scans weekly. All anti-virus programs include automatic update subscriptions and scans.

o Install and run anti-spyware programs. We recommend AdAware and Spybot. These are free to use. AdAware is available in a more full-featured commercial version.


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