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Practical and affordable technology

Technology solutions that really work.

Here are some of the products that help organizations succeed. Saffran Technology will find the right solution for your business need. Then we will teach your staff to make best use of the technology on their desks.

Computers We recommend Dell desktop and notebook computers for their affordability and reliability.
Network software Microsoft continues to be the popular standard. Their small business server is a good value for organizations up to 75. Organizations with up to 10 computers can have a peer network and save money.
E-mail & calendar For best-of-class e-mail and collaborative calendars without expensive software and administrative headaches, we recommend hosted Microsoft Exchange. For a low monthly rate, your staff can access e-mail and shared calendars from the office, home and while traveling. Plus all e-mail is scanned for viruses and filtered for unwanted spam.
Document automation Law offices and organizations that depend on efficient document production for clients and members can benefit from document assembly software from HotDocs(TM). Customized documents can be created quickly from data entry templates. Templates can be shared on your network. We can create the templates for you or teach your staff.

Have other questions? Call or e-mail for a no-cost initial consultation.

Technology Tips

Keep up to date on technology

You don't have to be a technology expert but it's a good idea to keep up on trends and technology alerts. Here are some Web sites with useful information.

PC World magazine

PC Magazine


TechSoup (great site for non-profits)

Law Office Computing

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