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Practical and affordable technology

Getting the most from your technology dollar?

Organizations are often frustrated by computer problems. You rely on technology but often things don't work as they should. Full-time computer staff are just not feasible. And technology vendors often don't take time to understand your business needs. The result? Too much money spent on the wrong technology and too little benefit from your investment. 

Saffran Technology: Practical technology solutions

Saffran Technology takes the time to understand your business. We work with you to plan and implement the right technology in the right way. With 20 years experience providing effective computer solutions in the workplace, we know the challenges you face everyday.

Technology: Your competitive advantage

The good news is that the power of Fortune 500 technology is now available without the overhead of an Information Technology (I.T.) department. Computers are more affordable, software is more reliable and the Internet brings the cost of many technologies to acceptable levels. The challenge is to find the right technology to meet your business needs. That's where Saffran Technology excels.

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Technology News

Microsoft buys anti-spyware company.

In a move to help secure its customers' computers from the ballooning problems of spyware, Microsoft bought the anti-spyware company Giant.
The new product, now available as a free Beta or test version, is called Microsoft Anti-Spyware. No details were released as to whether this product will be bundled with future releases of Microsoft Windows. To try the software, download it from the Microsoft Web site.


Success Story -- Law Firm

A partner in a central Wisconsin law firm works in a Madison office a few days each week. She needed to access her main office files and e-mail while in Madison. And, when in her main office, she needed to work on Madison files. The solution: Saffran Technology showed her, a remote access solution with a low monthly fee. She is now able to access both offices from any Internet connected computer. A simple, secure and affordable solution implemented in a couple of hours.

Success Story -- Non-Profit

Staff at the branch office of a small non-profit organization needed access to the main office files. The Solution: Saffran Technology installed a network server running Windows Server 2003 at the main office. The branch office staff can now run programs on the new server as though they are sitting in the main office. As a side benefit, staff with Macintosh systems are able to run Windows programs without buying second computers.

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